Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Mini-Vacation

To celebrate our anniversary, we decided to do a mini vacation here in Arizona. It was so nice to take a break from work and life and spend a few days together with no worries! This time of year there are so many things to do in AZ, because the weather is so perfect. We spent the 4 days around the Phoenix area. Wednesday, we went to the Mesa temple, which was beautiful with the flowers in full perfect bloom.

Thursday, we did a Tom-car tour (like dune-buggies) in New River. Other than being dusty it was great. Note that in the pictures we had bright yellow bandannas that the guides provided to prevent inhaling too much dust as we drove madly through the desert. We went to an old copper mine, to some great views, and to an old Hohokam fort.

Friday and Saturday we went biking at Papago park, swam at the hotel, and visited with Dee's roommate from college (John and his wife Marti).
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