Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Impressions in Red and Blue

Mia has really taken to coloring instead of just eating the crayons. Here is one of her first totally independent pieces of art. I think it looks floral, or candle-like. Too bad she cant tell me what she was drawing.  She was very specific with her color choice and when she was done she wouldn't color any more on this paper despite my encouragement to draw more. She wanted a new sheet of paper. This one was done!

Part 2: Time with Becky's Family in San Antonio

After Ben's Wedding, we spent a little over a week with my sister Becky, and had lots of fun and got to cuddle with their baby Miriam.

Miriam.  Isn't she a cutie? And just 5 months old. 
Mia loved all the new toys to play with at their house.
We went to the Riverwalk with my parents and rode the boats. Mia really liked being on the water, 
We ate lunch at the Riverwalk. We had Mexican food.  So glad for baby wipes. Interestingly while we were there the fire alarms went off  and a bunch of fire trucks came barreling down the road to the hotel connected to the restaurant. As far as we know everything turned out ok. We didn't see any smoke. 

The next day we went to San Antonio Zoo with Becky, her kids, and my mom. It was fun, but even through it was a cool day, somehow it got really hot there. Hats and short sleeves were a good thing to bring.

Mia liked checking out all the animals. 

Her favorite activity was pushing her stroller around. Lots of exercise for her that day. 

 James checking everything out. 
 One of my favorite pictures: James in the subterranean tube peaking his head out. 
Mom, Becky, Paul, James and Miriam. 
 Becky and Miriam taking a break in the children's activity center. 
Mia learning to fish IN a dry lake bed. Other kids happily fish from the side of it. When she does something she is all IN. 
We had a couple more days in San Antonio, but is was wet and cold so we stayed in mostly. Dee and I did make it to the temple.  Then we had to say goodbye and make the long return trip home. This time we decided to do it in one day. Amazingly, Mia was great through the 13 hour drive she just got fussy the last hour or so.  This was at out last rest/stretch break in Texas Canyon in Arizona. 
 It was cold, but pretty with the sun setting. I love the sky in this one. 

Happy to be almost home. 

Later that night  and the next day Mia would hardly get in her carseat. I think she had enough traveling for one week. 

Stories of January, Part 1: Going to Texas and The Wedding

It has been a busy month. We just got back from being in Idaho just to turn around and go out to San Antonio for my brother's wedding.

This is the week between trips:

Creative clothing uses. Pants as hats.  It reminds me of some commercial I saw on TV. She did this on her own by the way.

Wearing Daddy's socks. Looks like 80's leg warmers. She loves getting all of his socks out of the drawer. I will find his socks distributed throughout the house at times.

I must play on the computer...

She is so cute. She thinks she is working and writing just like us.

Reading books is always a favorite for her.

The trip out:

We had a long drive to Texas but Mia was a trooper and really didn't complain. Yay for good travelers!

Mia was intrigued by all of the Semi's on the road and especially at the rest stops.

Getting strapped in and ready to go.

All set. Happy for the trip! little did she know there were many hours yet to go.

The following day we rested and hung out with the family.

Sisters and Cousins :)

Becky and me with Miriam and Mia. They were having fun playing the piano together. The two of them are so cute, less than a year apart.

We had a dinner with the family that night, and talked till late. Poor Ben was probably tired the next day. On a side note Mia is in climbing mode now. She bounded up on a small chair in about 3 seconds and managed to tip it over along with herself. Poor girl fell flat on her face and nearly busted out her front teeth. Totally scared the living daylights out of me. Blood dripping from them like a vampire.  Fortunately she still has her teeth, they are intact and no permanent damage. Amazingly, other than a slightly swollen lip and painful teeth there was no sign of her fall the next day so she could look pretty for pictures. She is one tough cookie.

 Saturday was Ben and Rachel's wedding!!

The Happy Couple!

Becky was great and got us a babysitter for Mia during the wedding itself. Then we rushed home to get Mia and the other kids before they appeared.

Mia's idea of fun at a wedding... Playing in the fountain at the San Antonio Temple. She would have stayed there all day.

Miriam and Mia admiring each others dresses. "You have the same dress as me"
Becky and two of her kids. James was running around and I am sure Tom was running after him. 
Look I found Tom!
Danny and Nicole, photo-bombed by my brother Bill. 
Then we had a reception at the San Antonio Aquarium.  Ben and Rachel cutting the yummy cake made by my mom.
Here is a closer picture of the cake. I just helped make the flowers and the bow. Tasty, tasty!

I had other pictures of family eating which I will refrain from posting. None of these were the professional photos, and we didn't have much time to snap ones during the picture taking time so we will have to wait to get the real ones. 
There were a lot of other things going on that day that I don't have pictures of like the luncheon at their community clubhouse, and all the setting up chaos for the cake at the aquarium.  A great, long, busy day!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

December in Arizona

One of my in-laws asked when we start wearing winter clothes in Arizona. I told her maybe late November, but I couldn't remember so I looked through my pictures. 

These were from December 12th. Fun in the park. Long sleeves on Mia and Dee. I was warm so I took off my sweater.  I guess winter clothes right?

 I really thought these were our winter clothes on on Dec 18th. Jackets and long sleeves...

...until we got to Idaho. 

So I guess the answer is we never start wearing our winter clothes in Arizona. At least not those winter clothes.  It did get down to freezing this week and actually snowed on New years Eve. So we might wear Winter clothes occasionally, but not consistently. 

Here are just a few added pictures of Mia.

Tired Mia. This is a first for her. Falling asleep while eating dinner. Poor baby. 

Super happy with eating Indian food. 

Mia opening her new tunnel. She was a little timid with it at first but then really liked it, especially the peek through portion.