Thursday, July 17, 2014

Visiting in San Antonio for 4th of July

My sister, Becky, lives in San Antonio and we went out for a visit. My parents had been there for a month since Becky has been on reduced activity while pregnant with her baby girl. We thought it would be good to go out while they were there too.  Mia did amazingly well in the car.

We had great moments where she looked like this. Peaceful and sleepy.  Happy and contended.

And then there were these moments also:

"Get me out of this seat NOW!"

"It has never taken this long to see grandma and grandpa before!"

So... We took lots of breaks at rest stops and other places along the way. Mia's favorite thing about traveling: Eating food out of squeeze pouches and the breeze at each rest stop from the oncoming monsoon storms.

We got to entertain Paul and James while we were in San Antonio. Mostly that involves a lot of outdoor time and damage control with James, and electronics lessons for us with Paul. For the most part, Mia's cousins were really great with her and shared toys and wanted to engage her in their interests. James spent a lot of time building structures out of foam blocks and letting Mia knock them over. She was like Godzilla in a foam block city.  So much fun! There was also a whole slew of new toys for Mia to explore. Also while we were there Mia decided it was time for her to do a "real" crawl. Up until this trip she was content to army crawl to get around, but no longer.

Mia went on a swing in their back yard for the first time while we were there. She thought it was the greatest thing. She need a pillow in the swing to keep her from sliding too much. Boy was she happy!

We experienced Big'z hamburgers, where kids can run free while you eat. James was excited about seeing a tire as big as he is while there.

Dee and I went to the San Antonio temple while Becky and Tom watched Mia. She only flipped out when they tried to put her to bed. I guess she has gotten used to mommy and daddy doing it.

Dee went with Tom and Paul to Schlitterban, a huge water park with massive rides. He had fun but was tired from the fun.

We also went to Aunt Jan's house an hour outside of San Antonio. There we celebrated the Independence Day. Mia went for her first swim and had a blast. We ate with grandma and grandpa, then headed back to watch the fireworks. We just drove down the street to see a show just a couple of miles away. Minus the rain it was great. I didn't really mind the rain, it just interrupted the show. The neighbors had a pretty good show for us too in the street.

 Mia waiting to swim. Grandpa was nice enough to let her play with his wrappers. She is so excited because mommy wont let her play with them.

She loved the pool, and thought it would be so great if she could drink the whole thing. 

The week went by really quickly, but we had a good time. Becky did really great while we were there, and her baby girl is really kicking and growing. We will have to return after she is born.