Sunday, September 1, 2013

We're Adopting!!! The Story.

We are adopting a newborn baby girl due in October! We just found out recently and this is how it happened.

About a month ago we got a call from our LDS Family Services adoption caseworker, telling us that a birth mother wanted to meet with us. "Now she hasn't chosen you," she said, " but she wants to get to know you.  Can you meet on Thursday?"

With a lot of excitement and nervousness, we left after work on Thursday afternoon and met up on the other side of town.  After getting there early and waiting for a little while,  into the restaurant walked our caseworker with the birth mom, and some of her family.

We ordered food, sat down and talked for about 2 hours. At the end of the meal and conversation we gave her our cell numbers, got up, and shook hands. Our caseworker reassured us that it went well, and we left for home.

Now, we didn't get her number, but she had ours, so all we could really do was wait. Then one evening we received a little text and over the next week we continued to talk...   She wanted to meet up again!

So we met up again two weeks after on a Wednesday. Sorry Mutual girls, I missed the activity. It was for a good cause:)

This time we met with her and her mom. We felt that it went really well. We parted with hugs.

AND before we made it home I had this text waiting for me on my phone:

"So I have some bad news and I thought I should let you know instead of making you wonder......get your Sunday naps in because come October you will not have that freedom anymore... go to Costco and buy 18 years worth of Excedrin. Make sure while you are there to get hair color because you will go gray. Get your date nights in and make sure you have a lock on the bathroom door cause that's the only privacy you will get. Congratulations, you are going to be a mommy and a daddy."

Elated is not enough of a word to describe our feelings. We cried, our parents and grandparents cried.

We are so blessed beyond compare, and are so grateful for this courageous birth mom, and her family for being so supportive of her. She has shown us great trust and great love for her daughter! She has made it possible for us to have an eternal family that begins here. Our hearts are so full.