Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mothers Day -long post warning-

Happy Mothers Day to you all! And a special one to my mom, and to Mia's birth mom too! I love you both! Without these two amazing women I would not be here, be the woman I am, and not have the blessing of our beautiful Mia.

They say it is for all women, mothers or not, but honestly it was depressing being wished "Happy Mothers Day" when a child was all you wanted and everything you couldn't have at the time. To those who do not yet have children, or cannot, or are single, or have lost their child, I LOVE YOU.
This post may not comfort you, and you may not even read it, but maybe it can bring a glimmer of hope, because a year ago, I didn't know we would have what we now enjoy. Life changes everyday. Ours certainly has!

In previous years I would celebrate to honor my mom who is wonderful, righteous, strong, and selfless, as well as a great cook and baker, only to name a few attributes. I celebrate her today! I love to be with her, work with her, decorate cakes and cook with her. She makes daily chores easier, and just having her in the room gives you confidence. She has always been a teacher and hands on in our lives.She sewed our clothes and Halloween costumes, made all our birthday cakes, kept 6 kids entertained, and taught us to be responsible adults. Having a daughter gives me greater appreciation for all that she did for us and continues to do for us. Thank you mom for everything!

Mom and Me. You can see where I get my hair growing ability.

Pumpkin carving at Halloween. Me the baby. She made it through two more kids too. Sorry I don't have an old picture with all of us at my house.

We travel together.

I love working on activities with her.

She doesn't think that she has patience for crafts, but then makes cakes like this. This was our wedding cake, and I might be biased, but it is pretty much the most beautiful cake that ever was!

This is my first Mothers Day as a mother.

 Our cutie family.

Dee got me these beautiful flowers, and donuts for the morning, since he has a 7:00 meeting, and unless he wakes me at 6 there will be no breakfast in bed. I vote extra sleep:)

Our little Mia grows and grows, and will be 7 months soon. I am so grateful for her birth mom that has made this experience possible for us.  She is moving around more and more and nothing will be unreachable soon. I look at our house differently and think " how tall is Mia? can she reach that yet? How much longer till she can? Where should I move this or that?" Don't get me wrong, our house is fairly baby proof, but set her free and she WILL find something unexpected to play with.

"I will find all your cords, disconnect them and play with them, then drool on them"

"You think you can fool me? If you take those cords, I will just search until I find more"

She loves to eat, but sometimes gives us this look... "You want to feed me WHAT?"

 She finds entertainment in dress-up already, She kept pulling hair bows out for me to add to her hair.

She loves books to read, to eat. She will crawl across the floor for books.

This is how she interacts with her cousin, Liam. He seems thrilled doesn't he?

I might be biased but I think that she gets more beautiful every day, and more fun, more interactive, more curious, more loved!

 Waiting years for a child makes this Mothers Day all the more sweet.
I wouldn't change anything in this experience.... well, maybe not getting tendinitis from holding her so much.