Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter 2015

We had a fun time this Easter with Mia finally being old enough to participate in activities. She wasn't ready to dye eggs yet, as the cups would just get dumped, but maybe next year.

This is how Mia was when she woke up. She was tired and just wanted breakfast. She didn't want to go on a hunt for anything.

But after breakfast she thought it would be OK to look for her "surprise" that was waiting for her.  

This is her when she had found it. I love her surprised and excited look.  

She went right to work emptying out her basket and finding all the treats in the eggs inside. The toys got pushed to the side 
Then the paper itself became a great toy. 

The Easter bunny left me a treat too.

And didn't leave Dee out either 

We went to Grandma and Grandpas house and tried to take pictures, which was difficult due to the wind. Mia didn't want to sit for pictures, she would rather run around. But we did our best, and I think some of them were pretty cute even with Mia looking distracted. 

Mia loves the flowers at their house.  

She wanted to share them with all of us. 

We took a break from pictures and had a musical interlude with the clay birds. She just recently learned to blow on them to make noise. before she would hum to mimic the noise we made when we blew on them. she is getting better at her breath control.  

Grandpa was showing her all the tricks, and they played a duet.  

Then we were off to the Easter egg hunt.  

Mia didn't want to just collect them, but she wanted to each one to see what was inside before trying to find the next. It was so cute seeing her little face when she found each egg.  

With a little help she managed to find the more hidden eggs too.  

Here is her excited, I found something face. A big high pitched "ooo." 
It really was a beautiful day. Easter time is generally so lovely in Tucson, especially this year.