Thursday, April 25, 2013

How The Garden Grows

Last year my garden did pretty well, but I planted a little late for Arizona. This year I got an early start and planted the last weekend of January. I only had to cover the plants 2 nights in February when temps dipped near freezing. Now everything is growing wild and happy. We have had a couple of bad wind storms that have caused occasional breakage, but otherwise the garden is doing great!

 See the overall lushness of the garden. There are Asian peas, regular peas, cherry tomatoes, early girl tomatoes, green leaf lettuce, romaine, spinach, green beans, yellow squash, cilantro. The basil has had a slow start since I used last years leftover seeds. The germination rate wasn't as high.

Here are some closeups:

Cherry tomatoes. We did already have three that turned red, but we ate them.

The green beans have really only gotten going this week but I just picked a handful of them.

 The lettuce has been awesome. We have been living off of a lot of salads. I cut some off and it just keeps coming back. Pretty soon it will start to get bitter from the heat. For now it has been really tasty.

These are the Asian peas. Last night I made a beef with snow pea stir fry. 

The squash have started to flower. Nothing to pick yet, but soon.