Our Letter


We are so grateful that you are considering adoption for your little one.

We are excited that our lives are intersecting.  We will look back and share the story about how you came into our lives.  You will always be a part of us! We welcome opportunities to share your child’s continued development and growth through pictures, letters, or occasional visits. As the years go by, we will do our best to help you know that your little one is happy and secure.

We hope this information helps and would be glad to answer any other questions you might have for us.

     Things we consider important for our child:
·  A loving home full of fun and joy, learning, and growth.
·  Great education with opportunities to develop talents and skills.
·  Open communication between you and our family (as open as you choose).
·  A financially stable environment.
·  Parents with a strong and loving relationship as husband and wife.
·  Being raised in a home centered in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Love,  Dee and Carrie