Friday, September 12, 2014

11 Month Old Cutie

Mia is turning 11 months old. Just one more month for her year mark!

She has grown a lot in the past months. She has started taking her first steps, walking between furniture and between Dee and I. She is still nervous going far, but she is getting better. She loves to walk with us holding her hands. She could do it for an hour.  Dee gave her ropes to hang onto one day so he wouldn't bend over so far and she loves it!

It is really difficult to get a picture of her trying to walk since she sees the camera and thinks only to grab it. This often results in fun, but fuzzy "selfies."

She recognizes faces in pictures and tries to point out people. We name them and sometimes she tries to say them back. Her favorites to point to are Grandpa and Daddy of course!

Her speech varies from day to day. She says "fff" and "shhh"  in addition to "mama" and "dada." She rolls her "R's" really well and can click her tongue. She loves to listen to grandpa speak Finnish to her. She is always up to spending time with grandma and grandpa! She uses her index finger to point out everything so we can tell her what it is. Sometimes she gets close to repeating back the words.

Mia likes to listen to us sing and tries to sing too mimicking our voices in vocal warm-up style. It is cute to see her try to match us. She will play notes on the piano and have us sing to her playing.

She is now more interested in playing than food, or should I say... playing with her food! It is almost necessary to hose her down after every meal. Her favorite foods are to date: Ground buffalo hamburger, kiwi, grapes, peaches, broccoli, and mango. But DON'T try to feed her raspberries they will end up everywhere but her mouth! She could also do without cheese, and bananas are only liked occasionally. Everyday is an eating adventure and her likes and dislikes are always in flux.

This week is the first time she has crawled under things that require ducking down. Before she would crawl to it, hit her head, get upset and go around. This adds more adventure trying to get under beds, chairs and tables. She is also getting taller meaning she continues to reach more and more things. She manages to find all the dangerous things I never knew were there!

She keeps us very busy but we are having lots of fun.