Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween/Fall

Tonight we went to the trunk-or-treat at church for all the kids. It was Mia's first time there. She did OK for a while. Then once she had about 8 candies in her bag, all she wanted to do was eat the wrappers. She sat down in the middle of the parking lot and didn't want to budge. Dee took over and got her to visit a few more cars.

Getting ready to go out. Practicing with her magic wand. I hope our wishes come true.

Her cutie wings from behind.

Walking up to grandma and grandpa's house for her trick-or-treating fun to begin.

Sitting on the trunk with daddy, handing out (and chewing on) candy.

Dee is pretty cute too with his gaucho outfit.

Our awesome neighbors gave her animal crackers so that she could enjoy her "candy." Thanks. She loved it.

Also today we went to the Zoo, and it was pretty fun. The weather was warm (about 93 deg.) but it was not busy at all there. All the animals were easily viewed, which was great for Mia.

At the Zoo  "pumpkin patch"  together.

I would like both of these please. This one is nice and bumpy, and this one is nice and round.

Walking around the Zoo. She needs some guidance to not wander off to where she shouldn't go... like into the duck pond.

Playing the xylophone with Dee. She really loves it. Music is great fun for her.

Riding the golden elephant.

Finding cool leaves in the aviary.

Watching the elephants, especially the energetic new little girl elephant.

Pointing out the otters. She really wanted to jump in and go swimming with them.

Another little update on Mia... she can now do a tripod headstand. I think that we will have to get her started in gymnastics as soon as she is old enough.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Birthday Party!

Mia turned one today and we had an awesome party with my family. We all gathered at my parents house since the family is so large and their dining room fits us better than ours. Mia liked sitting with grandpa while waiting for dinner. We had hamburgers, salad, cantaloupe, chips, and cake. Mia enjoyed her deconstructed hamburger and ate quite well.

Mom made this beautiful cake for Mia. It had Swiss meringue frosting with an ombre effect. Such a cute cake!  Thanks so much mom!

Mia wasn't sure how to blow out her candle and wanted to snuff it with her fingers. You can see her niece's hands in the background reaching to keep her from touching it. We did get it blown out with some help.

This is Mia's before cake beauty shot. 

Not sure what to do with her cake.
She starts to figure it out
 And eventually gets it. 

 "Why don't we have this every day?"

 And finally orders "Another piece please!"

 I think that she liked licking the frosting off of the cake better than the cake itself, but who can blame her.  It was really tasty frosting. 

Then we moved onto presents... There were actually lots of them. She was great and actually took the time to appreciate each of them, and the wrapping paper of course. She was a little timid tearing the paper because she knows she isn't supposed to tear things. With a little help she figured it out. 

 Clapping for presents. Then hauling them away so her nieces and nephew couldn't take them. 
We will continue to work on sharing. 

What a fun party and Mia held it together till the end, when she got a little overwhelmed with so many people and so many new toys. I don't know how we will ever top this birthday. 

Hope you had a great day! Sorry you got to bed about 1 1/2 hours too late. It was worth it though. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Mia!

Happy Birthday to our little one. 

We have been so blessed to have the chance to raise Mia. We are so grateful to Mia's birthmom for the choice she made and the trust she placed in us.

We have had a great year, filled with all the normal joys and struggles of parenthood. You are such a sweet little girl, Mia. Our wishes for you are to continue to learn, grow, find happiness and joy out of life.

We have loved playing with you and teaching you. We love your pretty little face and happy little giggles.

 You are so curious, and a little mischievous. You love to experience all that life has for you and push yourself to learn and learn.

You bring us such joy and purpose in life. 
You are growing so fast! If only we could hold you in this moment!

We love you little one!

A BIG Thank You to my brother Danny for taking these beautiful photos!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Yay!!! One Year!!

What?! What just happened? How did we get a one year old? Mia was just born a week ago, wasn't she?

So yes it is true, Time flies. Before you know it babies are crawling, then standing then walking. Our life is now filled with toddler things. How life has changed in the last year. I love it. I cant believe I have been home with her that long now. I love being mom to this happy (and sometimes grumpy,) playful, mischievous, sweet, smart, active, beautiful girl. It amazes how quickly she learns. Every day there is something new.

There are many things about a one year old that are so much better than a newborn.
 SLEEP is one of them. Mia sleeps from 8 or 9 PM to 6- 8 AM most nights. She might wake up once, but usually a binki does the trick.  Don't get me wrong we still have to get up at night, but it is so much less that when she was a newborn, and there are some nights we don't get up at all.  Unless she is sick, or hungry, then it is whole different game. Now we just need to get on her same schedule and stop staying up so late to get things done.
 PLAYTIME is so much more interactive. Yes it is more tiring, but also more entertaining to watch her learn and grow. A box can be super fun, anything out of reach must be funner that what she is currently playing with.
 MEALTIME. She now can eat most of the foods we do in one form or another. She is not as hungry in between feedings and this results in better sleep (see above.) Her favorites today, which may change tomorrow -and are different from yesterday, are; bananas (3 days ago she kept spitting them out), chicken from fried rice, peas, peaches, and kiwis.  She had whipped cream for the first time, and she loved it!
 COMMUNICATION. While still in its infancy, Mia signs, milk, puffs, more and all done. She brings me things she wants to play with or read, and takes me to where she wants to go.  And this goes both ways. I am better at reading her cues, knowing when she is tired, or hungry, and what things she wants.

There are also things that are more challenging about a one year old than a newborn.
SLEEP. When we are not at home she refuses to nap and becomes either grumpy exhausted or slap happy crazy. And then she gets hungry and confuses her fatigue with hunger. This is when ALL the Cherrios must be eaten, at the same time. I have seen her try to cram a whole handful in her mouth at once, maybe 8-10 of them.
PLAYTIME. Things that were never intended to be toys are now her favorite thing to reach for. Phones drooled on, TV's become a drum to bang, paper is shredded or eaten.  Technology is a crazy fascination, and she is already addicted. I limit it to a couple of minutes at a time. She is bored more easily or wants to do the same thing over and over till I am bored. Playing peek-a-boo with my belly-button gets tiring after 20-30 times.
MEALTIME. I now have the floor to mop up after nearly every meal. When Mia decides that she is done with one type of food she either hides it under her bottom, drops it behind her back or on the floor. Tonight I fed her cheese. She ate a little and then decided to tuck it under her legs and bottom while I wasn't looking. The surprises on her seat can be such fun.
COMMUNICATION. Mia is now very adept at using her cry to reinforce her displeasure and she knows just the right tone to get our attention.

It is funny that the same things get better in some ways and worse in other ways. I guess that is the way everything is in life.

Here are Mia's one year milestones:

Mia is now walking... everywhere. Last month she was walking, but would crawl on tile since she didn't want to fall on the hard ground.  She is not perfect, and shoes still throw her off, but she is getting better each day.

Mia taking a stroll across the room to try to get the camera, of course.

Mia wanted to be like all the other kids in town going to school. So she got her backpack and wore it for the whole day to feel included. Note: It is a giraffe backpack filled with toys, because that is what she would bring if she was going to school.

She now can stand up in the middle of the room without having to crawl to furniture to pull herself up.

Mia recognizes the names of most objects and learns new ones quickly. She will get things for you from across the room... most of the time. She can also pick out the right card from a pile of flash cards when asked, if she has seen them before.

Playing with grandma. She loves their house with all the retro toys from my childhood.

Mia shows delight in getting into trouble. Trash cans, toilet paper, dirt, rocks and the like are better than any toy, especially since they are forbidden to eat or chew on and always get a reaction from someone.

Here she is using her pack and play creatively. She likes to go under the bottom board and play. I think originally she was trying to escape under it but now thinks it is fun to sit on the fabric.

She loves spending time with grandma and grandpa. We go over as often as we can to play. She loves "hippity hop" with grandpa, and loved to walk to him and to grandma when she was just learning. Mia and grandpa have exciting conversations that only they understand. She gets so excited to go to their house!

Mia can be a bit of a thrill seeker. She loves being upside-down, tossed in the air, riding on daddy's shoulders and swinging in the swing even though she is still a little small for it. 

She is such a delight. We love you our pretty little girl.