Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Six Months Old

Mia has made it to the 1/2 year point! It has been some adventure so far. She has been learning and growing a lot. Each day she works on new skills, and this week we moved up in clothing size for her. Today she had her 6 month checkup at the doctor and all is well. She is on track for everything even if she is tall for her age, in the 96th percentile, can you believe it? She has been sitting up really well. She still has to check her balance but loses it less and less frequently. She is becoming more and more busy, scooting around and rolling all over.

Here she is trying to grab the camera from me. She is definitely of this generation. All things technology interest her. She must have them, hold them, chew on them, push every button.   

Anyone looking for baby actors, here is some of her Emotional Range:

Surprised /or/ Mommy has gone a little crazy /or/ It wasn't me

 Overjoyed /or/ I am going to eat everything you have

Happy /or/ I got what I wanted
She also has Grumpy, Sleepy, Sad, Getting into trouble, and Frustrated. (pictures not included)

She can now play with things sitting up, like this ramp. She no longer needs me to place them at the top, but I may have to chase after them if they decide to go off in a crazy direction.

And she has a funny technique of gathering her toys. She scoots along the ground, reaches out to any toy she can grab, pulls it under her chest until the pile is too large for her to move. She then rolls to the side and recollects them to see if she can fit anymore underneath her. Somewhere along the way she gets frustrated that she can't have every toy at her side. She also must lick or bite every toy she collects.

She keeps us moving for sure! We love our little kiddo, crazy days and all!

To Mia, To Remember

To Mia, To Remember

There is nothing more beautiful than your face right now. Holding you in my arms fills me with peace. Your body relaxes, as does mine.

These moments of calm have become fewer. 

Your curiosity of the world around you grows just as quickly as you do. Lately as I hold you, you wiggle and squirm.
Reaching for the next thing
to touch,
to feel,
to explore.
Your hands stretching, grasping, holding, pushing.
You are learning with every move.

You want to see everything. I want you to, also.
I know your potential is endless.

But really I just want to keep you here, next to my heart.
Quietly listening to the rhythm of your soft breathing. Watching the expressions of your dreams.

Soon your eyes will open and your voice will insistently call.
Time to play.
Time to eat.
Your future awaits!

For now you are here,
Held close.