Q & A

Dee and Carrie
Questions and Answers
Why are you interested in adopting?   
    We have been trying to have children on our own for sometime now. We believe that we are meant to adopt to build our family.

How long have you been married?
    We have been married for eight years. The time has gone by quickly. We have enjoyed every moment.

What makes your marriage successful?
    We have a very cooperative relationship. We try to continually express love to each other and try to be unselfish. One of our strengths is good communication. We are both very flexible and seek each others opinion before making decisions. We enjoy having fun and spending time together. We are both fortunate to have jobs that are steady and fairly flexible. Neither of us is quick to anger.

What kind of contact would you like to have with the birth mother?
    We are open to having further communication. With us, you can choose whether you would like to have photos or e-mails or occasional in-person contact. We want you to know that your child is safe and happy, and that you can see them develop along the way.

What is your extended family like?
    Dee has two sisters and a brother, and Carrie has one sister and four brothers. We have four nieces and six nephews.
    We spend a lot of time with Carrie’s family. With the exception of Carrie’s sister (who is in Texas), her parents and all of her siblings live within a 15 minute drive from each other. She has a close relationship with all of her family.  They are well educated and have diverse personalities. Her parents taught a lot about science and emphasized school, learning, and kindness toward others.
    Dee’s family is spread out in Idaho, Utah, and Missouri but we try to visit as often as we can. About once a year, Dee’s family has a reunion with all of his siblings and the nieces and nephews. They are all very active and like to try new sports and love to play games together. Usually we meet in Utah or Idaho in December, and even though Carrie complains about the cold, we manage to have a lot of fun.

How many children do you want for your family?
    We would welcome more children in the future. When we were first married, we thought that four children would be ideal, but life has a way of choosing for us.

What future do you see for your adopted child?
    Your child will be our first child. We have a strong desire to teach and give enrichment with many cultural experiences. We would like to instill a love of the world around us; for nature, science, and also for fun and travel. We want our children to be successful in life and will provide many educational opportunities including college and higher education if they desire.

Where do you live?
    We live in sunny Arizona. Our home is in a nice neighborhood in a long cul-de-sac. We have a variety of neighbors, from young couples with small children, to grandparents with grandchildren. We are within walking distance to a running/biking path and a small park with a little league field. We have a one story home with a good sized backyard.

Are you planning on moving in the future?
    We hope to be able to stay in Arizona, but we would consider moving as an adventure if Dee's job required a transfer.

What are your religious beliefs?  
    We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We have a strong faith in Jesus Christ. We believe in being kind to others, learning from our own decisions, and following our Heavenly Father’s guidance.  We believe that we can be joined together forever with our families.