Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Forever Family!

We had the amazing experience of being sealed to our beautiful Mia on Saturday in the Mesa Arizona Temple. Most of Dee's family came down to visit and be with us on this special day. My sister Becky also came with her family. We are so grateful for the sacrifices they made to be here and experience this with us. 

This is us after being sealed together as a family for all eternity. It is such a joyful day. My heart is still so full of love. How wonderful to be able to take Mia to the temple as an infant and feel the peace there. I think that she could also feel the calming influence of the spirit there. Despite the long trip to get there she was really happy. No crying in the sealing room, and she was chatty and excited to be there. I look at the picture of us dressed in white and hope that the memory of this moment can remain with us forever!

A note about the white dress Mia was wearing: Dee's Grandma Marie Campbell made this dress ~30 years ago for his sister to wear for her blessing, and it has been passed onto the grandchildren to wear. It was very special to feel her presence with us even though she is no longer with us. 

Us before going into the temple. We should have snapped a picture of us putting her into the outfit from the trunk of our car. Fortunately we didn't travel with it on since we had to make an emergency clothing change in the middle of our 2 1/2 hour drive to the temple. Traveling with babies is so fun!?

Our happy girl!

 Dee's family that came from across the country to be with us.

Carrie's family (Those that could make it). Unfortunately Carrie's Dad got sick the night before and couldn't be there.

 Becky with Mia. She was kind enough to take most of the pictures. 


Sunday, we had Mia's blessing at church. It was also her five month birthday.  My brothers and Dee's dad held her in their arms and Dee gave her a wonderful blessing through the Spirit. 

Dee's parents with Mia.

I think that Mia was tired of pictures by the time we did this one, but she is still a cutie.

My thoughts about these two days...

We have waited so long to have these experiences and it is almost unreal that it has finally happened. I feel a greater sense of peace knowing that we are sealed and Mia is connected to us no matter what happens in life. I feel that she was meant to be in our family and I can't imagine our lives without her. She brings us such great joy. Dee and I are forever grateful to Mia's birth mother, for her choice to place Mia in our arms. We hope she is blessed with joy and peace in her life. 

 My faith in Jesus Christ is strengthened through these experiences. I know that by following His example, we can come closer to our Heavenly Father and return again to live with Him. I am grateful for my knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and all the many blessings we have received in our lives.  

Have HOPE for the future.