Sunday, August 17, 2014

Family Reunion 2014

Last week we spent in St. George, Utah with Dee's family for a reunion. We did a lot of activities and fortunately the weather was pretty good. We saw Zion National Park, Cedar Breaks, and went to a lake called Sand Hollow. (Well Dee went to the lake. Mia came down with a fever for 2 days so I stayed with her.) Other than Mia's illness we had a great time.

We got to spend time with Dee's grandparents too. It was wonderful to see them!

We went on a short hike to Emerald Pools at Zion's. this one was paved enough for us to take Mia in her stroller, just a few rough areas.  It had rained earlier in the week so there was a good amount of water.  Mia enjoyed the scenery and touching everything along the hiking path.

At Emerald Pools. Dee took Mia under the waterfall. It had rained earlier that week and was pretty wet when we went.

We also drove through the tunnel through Zion's on our way home and got to see the other side, which neither of us had ever done before. It was pretty and different from the main tourist (West) side.

Waiting our turn to go through the one way tunnel.

We went to a children's museum and Mia had fun exploring. Across the street we rode a carousel for the first time with her. I think she liked it.

Teaching her how to milk cows.

No Daddy! Don't feed me to the dragon. I'll be good!

Tree house fun.

First time on a carousel. 

We went swimming at the pool where at the house we stayed at, and Mia really loves the water.  it had a great shallow area that she could walk in and still be head above water.

Dee at Sand Hollow. They rented a wave runner, canoe, and paddle board. Looks like a lot of fun!

At Cedar Breaks. Much cooler at over 10,000 ft than in St. George. Really beautiful.

Dee's  family is really big into board games and every night they would be up until 1 or 2 in the morning playing. We tried to not stay up as late, since Mia doesn't take into consideration how late we go to bed in her wake time.

But in the end all vacations must come to an end. Back to normal life. Mia was more than happy to get back to her own crib and her own room.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Nine Months Old

Wow! That is pretty much all I can say! Mia is doing really great. She is a smart cookie and very active. She is now 9 months old and I see the signs of a toddler in her. She has been "real" crawling for about 4 weeks and every day her balance in standing improves. She is getting more brave while cruising furniture but is also gaining awareness that letting go could make her fall. She has been practicing her stand to sit through a squat, and it is getting smoother. She now pulls up on everything. She even made it up onto the couch in her bedroom. She climbs my body all the way to my shoulders. Her toes are super strong. She loves to be held upside-down and thinks being spun while in flying position is the best.

Dee is more than happy to fulfill her flying fun.

Happily standing, ready to play and be walked around.

I'm a good crawler.

I can go anywhere in the house I want.

Mia is exploring new foods and textures. She still needs things mashed or cut up into small pieces but she is getting more coordinated. Her current favorites include chicken, applesauce, and cherries. Mmm... Cherries! They seem to have a calming and relaxing effect on her. She will try most anything and even seems to enjoy her vegetables as long as we alternate with other food for variety. She is also a little beggar for anything mom and dad are eating. She wants to try everything and gets jealous if we are eating something she cant have yet.

A recent new skill she has is showing love for other babies and animals. When she sees babies in her books she leans over and kisses them. Sometimes she even says an "aahhh" when she does it.  Her hand eye coordination is getting better. She has been working on her pincer grip and she now points at objects in her books and in pictures.  She still loves her books and is getting more choosy with which ones she wants read. Her favorite is a lift flap book "Eyes, ears, and nose." It was "The icky sticky frog" until she managed to pull the tongue of the frog off.  She also loves ones with animal sounds and anything with babies in it.

Playing with her doll, or more specifically her hair.

Mia also loves music and singing time. She is clapping a lot with different songs and is trying to mimic motions such as "the rain came down."  She loves to pat our cheeks when they are full of air and hear the noise it makes.

Mia's hair is getting long enough that we can explore different styling options :) she doesn't seem to notice when we change her hair.
Mia is bath time crazy. It is all - stand up, sit down, reach, splash, grab, and trying to drink all the water the whole time. I end up drenched each time. She loves it and doesn't know that the purpose is to get her clean. People say bath time is relaxing for their little ones... well, not for Mia. She is energized by the water and is ready for another hour of fun afterward.

Mia loves to use her swing unconventionally. Sitting backward, surfing, it is all so fun, and dangerous.

She is trying new sounds. She is trying to roll her "R's" and says a "V" and "SH." When she is upset, or hurt or tired she calls out "Ma-a" and when she wants to play it is all "Dada."

We are down to 2 naps a day, however their length is variable so we may be transitioning to one a day in the near future. I don't know how I will ever get anything done. I already have to put her in the pack and play while I eat lunch to avoid getting mauled for my food.

I wouldn't have her any other way. She is really sweet and becoming more aware of emotions and affection. She is very curious and finds new things to explore every day.  She has times where she is so very patient and plays well by herself.

 -In love with this girl!-