Friday, December 20, 2013

2 Months Old!

Our little girl keeps growing. If there is a way to freeze time let me know. So here are some updated photos.

She is getting so big. I put her in these clothes before her 2 month doctor appointment, and she totally looked like a toddler.

And just to prove she isn't happy all of the time. Here is her pouty face. She wasn't really in the mood to get dressed for church that morning.

Just taking a break from it all. Witness the "I don't want to nap, you can't make me close my eyes" stare.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Week

Dee's parents came down to visit for Thanksgiving, to spend time with us, but mostly to play with Mia.

Visiting with a newborn probably isn't the most restful or exciting thing to do, but we loved having them and appreciated the break from doing all of the feedings.

We probably overworked them too. They helped paint our family room while they were here, something that we hadn't gotten to in the 7 years we have been in our house.

This is clearly the before, but they had already painted the ceiling and removed furniture of course. It is nice now. Neutral. His parents gave us our Christmas gift early. Two new lamps that coordinate with the room. the room needed them. At night it can be really dark. Thanks Mom and Dad!

We went to the Miniature Museum which is basically old dollhouses and fancy miniatures. I think that I liked enchanted land the best. The door going in was funny. Three different sizes.

Dee looks really small at the large door.

His parents at the mini door, waiting for the elves who must live inside to answer.

Through the glass, looking at all the tiny objects. Everything is behind glass. I was impressed at how the miniatures were so detailed.
We had dinner at my parents on Thanksgiving and my brother, Danny, took some super cute pictures of Mia. Eventually we hope to have him over to take a bunch- studio style:)

Here is Danny with Mia... No, he didn't take this one, I did. Note the difference in quality to the following:

I love her little yawns!

 Nap time. My dad has the magic touch to put every baby to sleep, even his older babies. Sometimes he even manages to make himself fall asleep too.
And here are a bunch more pictures of Mia, just because she is so cute!

Loving dad and his entertainment.