Monday, March 11, 2013

Dee's Parents Come to Visit -or- Exploring the Desert

We spent this week with Dee's parents. They ventured all the way from Idaho and made it here the perfect week. It was beautiful weather, great for any outdoor activities you could want. We took them all sorts of places.

To the Sonoran Desert Museum:

Dee's parents in their appointed sun avoidance hats and sunglasses. Yes, even though it is still technically winter, we are in short sleeves and lots of sunscreen

Here is a great picture of a Harris hawk during the raptor free flight. It's fitting that it would perch on a statue of itself. 

To Kartchner Caverns:

You're not actually allowed to take pictures inside the cave, so we just have the memories, but it is pretty amazing. 

Dee's dad had a great time squeezing through the "cave openings," and hopscotching across the pathway.

Dee also managed to climb through.

We also went to the airplane bone yard on a Pima Air and Space Museum tour:

 We saw lots of planes. It is amazing how many they have stored here.

Dee also took his dad hiking and biking. The weather here changes frequently. This day it was raining. And only two weeks ago we had snow.

We had a fun week. Sadly Dee's parents had to leave to make it back for work this week. You lose track of time when you are off of work. I cant believe it's a new week already. Hopefully everyone survived without us while we were gone.