About Us

About us   

   It took a while for us to find each other, but we have a blessed relationship full of love and giving. We met in 2005 and were married in 2006. We had hoped, like many couples, to start our family soon after our marriage. Unable to have a child on our own, we have prayed many nights that we might bring a child into our home. We know there is a special spirit waiting to be with us, and that it is through the gift of adoption that we will receive that blessing.  Carrie’s sister has recently adopted a little boy, and we are excited that one day we may have that same joy.

   We love to travel, both by ourselves and with our extended family. Our recent favorites have been to Hawaii and Disneyland. We love to explore geology and the natural wonders of the earth, but also get a thrill from man-made adventure such as roller coasters or mud-bugs (like dune-buggies).  We enjoy being with each other, even if it’s just playing games and watching movies. We work very hard, but we like to relax and play too.

Carrie (from Dee)
  Carrie grew up in Arizona and lived in the same home until she went to graduate school. She has a Bachelor of Health Science in Physiology and earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  She currently works with dizziness disorders and with the elderly performing balance and gait retraining.  Although she enjoys and values her career, she loves kids and wants to be a stay-at-home mommy.
  Carrie is a loving, protective individual.  She loves to teach the children in our church.. She is very loved by her nieces and nephews.  She loves to sing and to play the piano. She enjoys helping children have an appreciation for music. She loves to serve others and likes to feel productive.
  Carrie is very kind and loving to me. We enjoy talking to together and spending time together.  She is always by my side when I’m not at work – either helping me with house projects or trying out new activities when we are on family vacations or outings.  She goes the extra mile to make me happy such as meals after work, special evenings, straightening the house, leaving cards and gifts, and lots more. Carrie enjoys baking and cooking, going for walks and swimming, watching musicals, science fiction movies and comedies, reading books with happy endings, crocheting, singing, and playing Dance Dance Revolution.

Dee (From Carrie)
  Dee grew up in Kansas, Utah, and Idaho. He served a two year mission for our church in Argentina and learned to speak Spanish. In college he received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He was destined to be an engineer. Ever since he was little he was taking things apart.  Fortunately his parents had patience when he couldn’t get things back together. While in college, he worked doing apartment maintenance and learned many valuable skills. Now he can repair almost anything. He even enjoys doing it. He is skilled in doing drywall, rerouting ductwork, plumbing, changing the oil, and fixing small car problems. He has done most of the projects around the house and is great at saving us money. When we were first married, he fixed an old broken-down washing machine to be just like new with a four-dollar-part.
  Dee is a hard worker at everything in life. He is brave and not intimidated with the difficulty of tasks. He is also the kindest person I know. He gets along with pretty much everyone! Dee doesn't have a temper. He is very patient and detail oriented. Dee loves to program computers, go biking, and just play. He likes to take road trips, watch movies, hike, fish, camp, and play board games.
  I love being with Dee and would rather be with him than any other person.