Tuesday, January 21, 2014

3 Months!

Our little beauty is 3 months old! She keeps growing and learning every day.

She has become much more talkative, and she likes to tell us about her dreams in the morning and tells Dee about her day when he gets home from work. I tried to upload a video of her talking but blogger kept having errors:(

She is so playful and today was giggling at her Micky Mouse stuffed animal, and she loves having things to hold onto.

She wants to sit up so badly but still gets fatigued easily, so the Boppy pillow is her friend right now. I love when she gets that wide-eyed excited look.

And here are the pictures I eventually was able to take with her in her fluffy pink bottoms. They are still a little big for her.

And sleeping away to warm back up. After all, it is January and that few clothes can make a kiddo cold. Good thing we are in Arizona and it has been in the 70's during the day!

 Dressed up for the winter.

Uncle Danny came over to play and captured this one of her hanging out.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! & Our Christmas Report

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a great Christmas or winter break! 

We have been having fun enjoying Dee's time off of work. Christmas was fun this year with Mia. 

She was so tired from all the Christmas Eve festivities she didn't want to wake up, but when she did, she had presents waiting for her.

She knew something was different that day but wasn't quite sure what to think. She needed a little help to open her gifts.

We got all dressed up and headed to Christmas dinner at Carrie's parent's house.

Uncle Danny took more cute photos of her including the first one with all three of us.

After we all got home, she needed a break from the excitement and took a little cat nap.

She isn't asleep too long before she wants to play again.

This is how Dee likes to spend his breaks. Getting a well deserved rest. Actually he has been hard at work. He fixed our heater, and my treadmill, and organized things, and has been getting up to feed Mia early so I can sleep in a bit more. Does he really have to go back to work tomorrow? ... boo.

We wish you all the very best for this year! You never know what wonderful things will come. We never could have imagined a year ago that we would be holding our beautiful 2-month-old Mia. 
Keep up hope for whatever your wishes are, they might just come true.