Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vacation at Newport Beach and Disney

We spent last week on vacation at Newport Beach, and Disneyland. The weather was really good except one day when it thunder-stormed in the morning.  We went biking along the beach and walked along the pier.

We walked in the surf and read in the shade of the umbrellas our rental provided. Dee looks like the typical tourist in his hat and shoes still on. It was actually pretty cool that day in the wind. 

Dee rented a surfboard and had mixed success since the waves were breaking so close to the shore. Sorry, I forgot to bring the camera for the actual surfing and swimming.  Here he is doing a demo of what it would have looked like if I had the camera. 

We went ocean fishing and had some pretty good catches. We only kept a few. Dee grilled them up and it was quite tasty. Much better than lake fish.

We had 2 days at Disney, which was actually very busy for mid-October. I think there were several neighboring states with Fall Breaks occurring at the same time. Our advice for going to the new Cars ride... 1. Get a fast pass the very first thing, and 2. Pray that it doesn't break down. We spent a whole day back and forth from the ride to try to get on. We eventually made it. It is a fun ride, just some pretty crazy lines and frequent closures. There is nothing like being 5 minutes from the front of the line and having it break down.

We managed to entertain ourselves while waiting in lines for the rides. Watch out for this one he sneaks up on you.